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EX MATERIA is an Industrial Property firm of consultants qualified to operate at the National Institute of Industrial Property and European Patent Attorneys under European patent law.


EX MATERIA guides you step by step to get the most out of the protection and/or defence of your innovations. They represent the future of your business and EX MATERIA is perfectly suited to help you keep your technological advance and avoid losing market share to competitors.


EX MATERIA’s founders sought to apply their different experiences of the Industrial property departments of innovative international groups, to create a new type of support for companies regarding the protection and/or the defence of Industrial property rights. The team is composed of dynamic professionals, accustomed to put into practice their energy and expertise to achieve the strategic objectives of our clients. The team continues to grow.


EX MATERIA’s policy is to respond as directly as possible to customer needs: our answers are pragmatic, tailored to your profile and designed for the sole purpose of achieving your goal. We do not leave room for the superfluous.


Whether your goal is the protection of your latest ideas or the large-scale construction of an industrial property strategy closely linked to the objectives of your group, EX MATERIA is the actor able to meet your expectations.


The customer and their innovations are at the heart of the concerns and practices of EX MATERIA. Whether you are a small business or the internal service of a large group, please contact us and we can discuss your needs in complete confidence.


EX MATERIA offers its services in all areas of Industrial Property, including the acquisition of patent rights:


  • Prior art searches,

  • Patentability analysis

  • Immersion in the heart of Research & Development teams, assistance in setting up a comprehensive protection strategy, remuneration policy for inventors

  • Drafting and filing patent applications in France and abroad, representation at the Offices

  • Prosecution of patent applications up to the grant – drafting, filing and prosecution in France, Europe or internationally

  • Maintenance of patents or patent applications

  • Opposition and appeals before the EPO, extensive experience of the oral proceedings




EX MATERIA also has broad experience in defending the interests of our customers including:


  • Technological watch

  • Tracking your competitors’ patent activities

  • Freedom to operate: clearance searching and opinions

  • Third patent validity analysis, analysing your workarounds

  • Pre-litigation and litigation relating to industrial property, particularly in the US via the ITC, Germany, Belgium and France

  • Support in negotiations in the context of defensive or offensive litigations

  • Evaluating Intellectual Property rights, and in particular patent portfolios

  • Preparing Intellectual Property audits (due diligence)

  • Training/awareness raising about Intellectual Property

  • Review aspects of Industrial Property in contracts, contract drafting

  • Establishment of valorisation plans

  • Organization of seizure operations by customs during fairs in Germany and France



EX MATERIA provides these services in many technical fields, in particular:


  • The automotive field, especially ground connection, bodywork, machinery, internal combustion engine and its management, electric motor, BV and BVA, interior cabin lighting, wipers, braking ...

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanics

  • Thermal systems, including air conditioning, thermodynamic loops

  • Optics

  • Basic electronics

  • Medical devices

  • Construction, insulation systems

  • Software

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